When striving to achieve your goals, there is no such thing as trying


In order to recognize success, it helps to define failure. Failure is the refusal to establish a plan and work toward its accomplishment regardless of the obstacles.

Most of us were never taught that failure is a matter of choice; success too is a matter of choice. Failure is not, as many people believe, the result of lack of talent, money, time or other resources. Failure is simply the refusal to establish goals or objectives and then work toward their achievement. Talk to people who have neither goals nor motivation to succeed and you’ll find that their lives have no excitement, no purpose. They feel like failures.


To succeed, you will constantly find yourself sailing uncharted waters, doing things you have never done before but if you want any more from life than mediocrity, that’s where you’ll have to go. Any time you break new ground, you are taking a risk. You neither know exactly what’s ahead nor how you’re going to handle it. The only alternative is not to go anywhere.

When striving to achieve your goals, there is no such thing as trying. Even though we’ve been told as children, that it doesn’t matter if we win or not, just as long as we try hard. That is one of the greatest lies you can tell yourself or your children. “Trying” is a word meant to rationalize failure. It’s an excuse. In truth, when reaching for any objective, short term or long term, you either succeed or you don’t; there is no in-between. Trying, therefore, is a non-reality.

Lack of immediate success however, is not failure. It is nothing more than feedback you may need to modify your target date and even your plan for reaching your goal. “I tried” is a quitter’s statement. It says you have either given up or decided that not reaching your goals is an okay way to continue to live your life. Both attitudes are devastating to your personal effectiveness. Change your plan and get back into the race.

It’s not how many times you fall down that determines whether you will eventually reach the top of the mountain. It’s how many times you get up and get moving again.. Implanting the work “try” in your mind is an acknowledgement that it’s okay to give up instead of get up. Failure occurs only when you quit or make excuses for your inability to succeed


“I tried” is not an acceptable excuse. In fact, no excuses are necessary for success. Tried is an excuse for failure. Using the word “try” creates an illusion in your mind that your effort produced an “almost win” and stops you from moving on. Accept failure as an alternative and, consciously or unconsciously it will diminish your effectiveness and power to achieve your goals.

You never fail until you quit, make excuses or die. When you get feedback that you’re not making progress instead of quitting or making the excuse “I tried” ask yourself “What are my current alternatives?” “What is my next step?” Then choose the best alternative and keep moving. All life is choice and you can be stopped only if you choose to allow it to happen. “Trying” is nothing more than pinning a mental medal on your chest for having been delayed or stopped along the way to achieving your goals.


Cut your losses short and run your wins long. That means knowing when to regroup, change direction or even pull the plug when something isn’t working. When you’ve got that winning attitude, you build on it to achieve success, making the losses you encounter insignificant by comparison.

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